Gina Sims Designs


Krog Street Loft

My photographer, Cati Teague (find her here and here), and I have worked together for several years. I ADORE WORKING WITH HER. She's got a cool style and a great eye for design - I was absolutely thrilled to help her transform her kitchen. Cati is #livingherbestlife in a fantastic loft and she walks her dog on the Atlanta Beltline daily. She needed a bold, updated kitchen that reflected her creativity and her urban lifestyle.


Inspired by succulents, brass, copper, green, and contrasting finishes, this kitchen is really a showcase for this breathtaking, artisanal Seneca tile: an 8-inch fan (color way: water lily) each one is hand made when you order it. You can't just show up at Floor & Decor and get some of that. #benefitsofhiringadesigner


Dove Studio crafted the cabinet designs. We used a gray and white quartz countertop that topped gray cabinets with copper hardware. The island is a soft celadon green with brass hardware and a custom cement top that was made in Wisconsin. Cati's photography is featured on within the kitchen and the room is rounded out with a beautiful, vintage brass fixture and a vintage rug.


If you see a happy lady walking her dog on the Atlanta Beltline, tell her that you love her kitchen.