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Graffiti-Inspired Workroom

One of my favorite people and repeat clients (check out her master bedroom here) came to me with a brimming-with-potential-blank-slate of a room that she wanted to use as her creative work space.


We wanted a feature wall inspired by graffiti. After some brainstorming, my client decided that the focal points of the mural would be a singular fist and kente cloth, signifying power, empowerment, and culture. We worked with the extremely talented Charmaine Minniefield. If you've popped over to her website already (if not, hello, here's the link AGAIN), you know that she "draws from indigenous traditions as seen throughout Africa and the Diaspora by exploring African and African-American ritual from a feminist perspective." She was the perfect fit for this project. As you can see, the results are stunning:


To set off the mural, we painted the adjacent walls a dark slate gray. Color cues were taken from the mural and carry it's energy around the room. We worked with Joybird to create a custom, rich, Kelly Green couch to provide her with a space to read and rest. The teal rug compliments the green and blue tones in the mural and brings the color into the center of the space.


This work space demanded lots of creative, attractive storage. We had the pegboard custom built for the space so she has plenty of space to keep her tools within easy reach. The bold orange of the pegboard and the colorful TV stand (located just right of the desk) mirror the movement and energy of the mural without competing with it, creating a sense of color symmetry in the room.

This is such a unique, dynamic transformation. I asked the client to reflect on the design process:

"I believe that whenever you have someone like a designer or artist use their skills in your house, they leave a little piece of their creative energy there with you. For this room, I wanted the women who helped bring my graffiti-inspired vision to reality to be proud of their work and for that mark of pride to be felt by everyone who walks through the threshold. This room is not just a wrap room- it's a place where I take time to create and develop projects, where I put a dash of love in gifts for friends and family, and where I can go to feel good. it's a feel good room. It's a room of empowerment and positivity. I can sit on my bright kelly green couch, with a feminine fist of Black power behind me, giving me strength to propel me forward in a positive direction. In turn, every project that leaves that room has a little bit more love in it."

I mean, COME ON: aren't you ready to transform your space with energy that propels you forward with creativity and empowerment? I am. Give me a call. Let's work on your space next.