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A Walk in the Farm

My friend and amazing photographer, Christina Wedge, let me come along with her to a cool lil joint called The Goat Farm and snapped some shots while we were there. When you have a friend who is an amazing photographer, they can make you look good walking down the lane (when it’s cobblestone, you can say ‘lane’ instead of  ‘sidewalk.’ fact). I recommend getting a friend like this…. or hiring Christina.

What was once an old rundown area, The Goat Farm is now an awesome rundown arts center used for good. Ah, I love a good deteriorating wall and broken window.


Robot Party

My lil fella turned 1. He’s not old enough to tell me what kind of party he wants and vintage robots make me swoon. Enter, Caleb’s 1st Birthday Party! (Heads up:  It’s intergalactic)

Robot Cake

Turns out I’m an amazing cake decorator when all it entails is positioning candy and donuts. I can do that. (You can too! thumbs up for us.)

Computer Chips & Goo

I love signs. Signs are a must at my parties.
Computer Chips & Radioactive Goo. This stuff sounds delicious, right??

Robot Eats

Fuel cakes are black forest ham, swiss cheese and dijon stuffed puffed pastry. Fueling up is delicious.

Robot Puppets

Cade & Reese made little robot finger puppets and then, of course, finger fought.

Birthday Boy!
Our little nut (and bolt?) loved his party. He loved it so much he danced the robot. You should see that boy break dance. Happy Birthday, baby!


I’m Gina and I Decorate.

Hi. I’m Gina and I decorate. (You, “Hello, Gina.”) I’ve been decorating homes, sets, parties and creating great DIY projects for several years. My site has had a nip and tuck and is ready to show herself to the world (don’t tease her about her duck lips, she’s sensitive). I hope you’ll discover some great ideas you can steal and consider hiring me to help you create your own personal masterpiece, whether it be a one-of-a-kind party, a gorgeous room or a breathtaking set.

So come along with me on this revamped style adventure. We’ll discover great lives and spaces full of self-expression and beauty (and have a lot of fun along the way!).


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