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Little People on the Wall

This family gallery is in my hallway and it makes me smile daily.  I wanted to mix color and black and white prints so keeping the style of photography and the color of frame similar (even though they are each unique) is what brings it together. Someday I look forward to larger mats and frames for these pictures that will make a larger statement on the wall, but right now these need to be out of easy reach to little hands and bouncy balls (we encourage playing ball in our house). I love our little family!

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Under Mr. Haverty’s Dining Table

I happened to be at the Haverty’s corporate office today and had a meeting at J.J. Haverty’s own 100+ year old dining table. I am relatively sure I couldn’t handle this kind of intensity in my own dining room but it’s pretty awesome. I wonder what would happen if crumbs were dropped from the table?


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