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Anna’s Vintage Camping Party

I asked my almost 7 year-old what she wanted for her birthday. “I want a s’mores party,” she said. That’s my kid, thinking about the food first.

This year was the first year she truly got involved in the party ideas and execution. It was so fun to do with her! The girl’s got some fun and quirky style (as evidenced by the vintage embroidered tea towel that she is wearing here and has worn for 10 days straight)! So we took a vintage camping spin on the s’mores theme and went to town.

Thunderstorms were projected for the start of the party and after we took everything in three times over the course of the day because drops were felt, it never actually rained! I am convinced it is because I found my little 7 year-old inside the tent on her knees praying for “overcast skies only, please!” And for braving an outdoor party at the end of June in Georgia, I have to say, God loves little Anna. We even put a fire in the fire pit and didn’t melt! Large fans, plenty of cold drinks and spray bottles as water misters certainly helped. We had a blast!

Stay tuned for the tent DIY next week (so easy and fun and something we will use over and over)!

Reading in the tentSuitcases with peanuts and a DIY tentThis Party is Peanuts!

Outdoor Camping Party Decor


Marshmallows and Graham Crackers

"Le Camping" vintage print
In case you didn't get enough s'mores.... s'more for later!

Some here, "S'more for Later"!

Click on an individual picture to see a gallery scroll of all the fun details and descriptions!


Happy Vintage Camping and S’mores Party to my Anna and Happy Fourth of July to YOU, Friends!

Make a tent and roast some mallows and celebrate with your loved ones!


Love and Snow

Happy Valentine’s Day! This week has been full of snow days, homemade valentines, and, since my husband was in California on business (bless his heart, snark, snark), quality time with my kids! Enjoy some of our favorite snow and love moments of the week:

My new favorite app “Waterlogue” gives us a very cool take on the classic “look what the snow looks like out MY window” pic!

Painted in WaterlogueStreet Sledding!

street sleddingValentines in the snow.

Doilies in the snow

We could not leave the house to buy anything (icy roads!), so we got creative at home. Happy Valentines Day from Anna!

Anna and Her ValentineAny finally, from my sweet family to yours, we wish you loads of love, kisses and joy, today and everyday!

Sims LoveXOXO,



Calling All Party Animals!

Last weekend, party animals came out of the woods for a roaring good time (grrr, couldn’t help myself). My four-year old loves animals and breakfast so we combined his favorite things for a super fun time!

My advice for menus is to keep it simple and easy to make and eat. Our menu was bacon on a stick, donut holes on a stick, fresh fruit cups and marinated sandwiches. We served orange juice, milk and coffee in awesome animal cups. I purchased the cake and decorated with animals and a tiny pendant garland. Delicious, fun and couldn’t be easier!

Decor was bright in color mixed with a natural feel in the newspaper, craft paper, twine, etc. My absolute favorite things were the tiny hats I made for his toy animals. Cutest! I painted a large canvas black and used chalk on it for the sign behind the elephant stilts tub. I tried my hand, for the first time, with face painting and had so much fun doing it. I discovered when you’re drawing on someone’s FACE, you best not mess up! My father-in-law even got in on the action (hysterical!). Happy Birthday, to my sweet, filthy animal!

Come inside ya filthy animals

Elephant Stilts Game

Elephant Stilts for Kids Game

Animals in hats party favors

Animals in hats party hats

Elephant in a hat

Donut holes on a stick

table scape bacon on a stick donut holes animal cake

Animal Birthday Cake

marinated sandwiches table scape

tablescape decor animal table

animals in party hats

Zebra Pick your Nose animal cups

face painting butterflies

kitty cat face painting

face paint comb over

Face Painting - my tiger

ROAR!! All day long. Not Quiet.

ROAR!! All day long. Not Quiet.

Happy Birthday, Tiger!


Merry Christmas Wrapping!

When someone says they have their gifts purchased and wrapped by September, I generally want to punch her in the face. Now, I love gift giving – the shopping, the wrapping, everything! – but I like to do it in the weeks just before Christmas, mostly on account of my procrastination and such. Even if I did get my act together early, I would not like it nearly as much if stores were not full of decorations, carols, and other people busily trying to get their gifts too. It’s the excitement, the hubbub of Christmas coming, that makes it fun! Often, buying gifts late can mean they will likely be thrown in a gift bag with a sticker tag on the outside. While there is nothing wrong with this, I love the look of a beautifully wrapped gift.

When I hosted our last craft night, we set out to find beautiful ways to wrap gifts that are fun to do, creative and mostly (because of those self-imposed time constraints) easy peasy. With a look in my craft box, an inexpensive trip to the craft store and a short walk around the neighborhood gathering leaves, pinecones and sticks and I was ready to do all of this!

I will go into more detail below about these individually, but I want to point out that most of what made these gifts beautiful was free and falling from trees. I even used magnolia leaves as gift tags. The leaves or sticks or pinecones  would be beautiful spray painted too!

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

For the gift on the left (picture below), I used scraps of craft paper and twine. The middle gift was wrapped with yarn and the tags I made (I love these!) by watercoloring heavy paper and cutting them out with a gift tag hole punch (get one! you will use it all the time). The gift on the bottom was decorated by stringing buttons on a thin piece of twine or thread. So cute and so easy to do!

Christmas Wrapping Gifts Tags

Tassels might be my new favorite thing to make. I used this easy tutorial but did them on my hand rather than the cardboard because I could not be bothered to find and cut a piece of cardboard…that’s how I roll, ladies. I used a gold Sharpie to draw on the bag. Done. For the other gift, I used the same gold Sharpie to make a long squiggly line and colored markers to draw Christmas lights all over them. This is a cute idea for kids to do, using their finger prints as the lights.

Christmas wrapping gifts bags gift bags paper

For this beauty, I used a stencil and watercolored that lovely dear and tied a eucalyptus twig on with ribbon and embroidery floss. The small gift on the bottom is adorned with a cute handmade bow. Now about that bow…

Christmas Wrapping Stencils and Eucalyptus

I love making these bows! I’ve made these for the past couple of years and I love them! They can be made with anything, but magazines, newspapers and kids drawings are my favorite materials. My friends especially loved making these. I believe the phrase “total game changer” was used. We’re not joking around here.

How to make bows

The trickiest part about these is figuring out how to fold the bow over. You will have to try it a couple of times to get the feel of it, but this is the motion.


Yvonne is making gift tags by stamping book pages with the tag stamp and then cutting craft paper around them for some fun color and pattern.

Yvonne Druyeh Dodd is making gift tags

Danny was a tassel making fool. She admitted she was more likely to throw stuff in a bag than wrap gifts so she focused on stamping and stenciling bags….and making those tassels!

Danny Vincent makes tassels and gift bags

Here we are with what we were most proud of:  Marisa with her bows, Yvonne with her tags, Danny with her tassels and bags and me with my paper. Fun!

Marisa Graziano, Yvonne Dodd, Danny Vincent and Gina Rice Sims

I promise these projects were fun and EASY. Put on a Christmas movie and you’ll be done by the time the credits roll. Merry Christmas Wrapping!


Kid’s Bright & Lively Art Station

The walls of my home are relatively neutral, but I chose this bright teal for an accent wall in my kitchen. I was inspired by the kitchen wall in Will & Grace’s apartment. You know the one, right?

I bought this table from IKEA and painted a pearlized metallic paint and covered the top in a vintage looking oil cloth I picked up at my local hardware store. It’s practically indestructible and a super cute place for my kids to create their masterpieces! The little nook is finished with old photographs and vintage pieces.

Kids craft area

Photography by Christina Wedge Photography


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