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A Rundown Mill, Pink Walls and a Brood

On Black Friday, my brood opted for a walk in Sweetwater Creek State Park and came across this awesome rundown shell of an old mill. I love the architectural details of old brick, stone walls (often built by slaves and ubiquitous in the South) and strong wood beams.

These details can be reflected in interior design even if your space doesn’t have the big wooden beams and exposed brick walls you might covet (guilty!) in magazines and catalogs. I love this photo below from Crush Cul de Sac. The gallery wall of scenic paintings is beautiful and, juxtaposed with the Eames Eiffel chairs and glam capris chandelier, it is perfection. The wood floors and table are, of course, critical to the rustic feel but the pink walls and flowers keep it from seeming masculine.

Image from Crush Cul de Sac

A freebie picture of my brood. I have this thing about being in front of the hiking line. Always… must … be…first. Bonus of leading the way, however, is that you can look behind you and see this glorious sight.


Dining Drab turns Dynamic: Before & After!

I am working on this dining room right now and it is turning out beautifully! The ‘before’ picture is drab and completely dated. We painted a cool grey and dark blue, added a beautiful wood cornice board with raw silk steel grey drapery. We kept the old table but changed the chairs out. We upholstered inexpensive chairs and a bench (not shown) with a gorgeous grey and tan ikat fabric and tufted end chairs. And what a difference a beautiful chandelier makes! The brass sconces sitting on the table  in the ‘after’ photo I found on Ebay and put on the wall on either side of the mirror. I’ll show you that wall…later.

And after… Gorgeous!


Design Your Life

I came across this statement on Pinterest today. The simplicity and authenticity of the image is inspiring me today. May we all live our own well-designed, well-loved lives. The best (and most difficult) part of this dream is that it should look like no one else’s life. So go forth and design…



Portman Chandelier

“I have been blessed, or cursed, with a love of life and a passion of insatiable curiosity seeking insights and knowledge.” – John Portman.

John Portman is an Atlanta icon – architect, painter, sculptor and designer. I happened to be in his office the other day (he was in China, sadly) and came across this incredible chandelier that he designed in 1970 hanging over his conference table. In person, it is breathtaking. A real photographer shows of it’s beautiful detail here.


A Walk in the Farm

My friend and amazing photographer, Christina Wedge, let me come along with her to a cool lil joint called The Goat Farm and snapped some shots while we were there. When you have a friend who is an amazing photographer, they can make you look good walking down the lane (when it’s cobblestone, you can say ‘lane’ instead of  ‘sidewalk.’ fact). I recommend getting a friend like this…. or hiring Christina.

What was once an old rundown area, The Goat Farm is now an awesome rundown arts center used for good. Ah, I love a good deteriorating wall and broken window.


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