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Fresh in the Highlands

My clients have a gorgeous tudor home in the Virginia Highlands suburb of Atlanta. It needed to be fresh and rescue dog friendly! Before I work with a client, I have them do homework to determine their style preferences. For this client, her boards were full of shades of aqua, teal and gray. That became our starting place and we had a blast unifying the space with color, his father’s photography and lots of plants for fresh air and an airy feel.

Let’s start with the entry!

When a living space does not have a formal foyer or separate entry area, it’s very easy to create a sense of that space with a console table, a great piece of art, and some seating. Mirrors and plants add light and freshness, welcoming you into the larger living room space.

In the dining room, our design plan called for the addition of a grand, industrial display and storage unit. This is not your mother’s china cabinet. We softened the room with some upholstered accent-turned-dining chairs, soft teal curtains, and the aqua-toned rug.

By adding a large sectional sofa, we separated the living area from the living room area from the entry to give the feel of two separate spaces. The round coffee table is a great contrast to the lines of the sofa; the art and throw pillows continue the color scheme into this space. The plants add the fresh element that connects this space with the sun room.

And last, but absolutely not least, is the sun room. Since we’re allowed to have favorites, obviously, this is my favorite. We started with great seating. Our objective was to use the aqua and teal accents to make the plants the real star of this comfortable room.


Bluegrass Americana

In order to decorate a house and tell a family’s story, it’s important to learn the family’s story. It is absolutely my favorite thing about my job. You people are fascinating. This family was so jam packed full of interesting, quirky and fun, I could hardly contain myself. She has a rich Cuban heritage with a side of sass. He is a banjo player in The Whiskey Gentry, a fabulous Atlanta-based bluegrass band. He is an artist whose drawings I hung wherever I could. One of them was of a beetle which became the inspiration for the amazing bug print fabric (I lurve that fabric). Family heirlooms and folk art were the basis of our design for this gorgeous Grant Park home. This was such a blast to do!











Mid-Century Mod

I am allowed to have favorite projects. I am. It’s my design firm. Now, I love my clients and the diversity of beautiful projects I get to work on but sometimes I get to work on something that I never want to leave. I did, eventually, leave this place but this Cabbagetown home makes me incredibly happy.

The playroom was void of color and personality but not anymore! One of the reasons I love this house so much is that my clients already had such a great art collection, but it was mostly in a closet. Travesty! I used almost all of it on those 12 foot playroom walls.







img_4426 img_4429

The entry area is so much more welcoming with a contrast paint color and bright fun art we bought from an artist in Australia. The flamingo’s name is Fern. Say hi.



Dining room! My clients have entirely too much style for what their dining room had going on. We took care of that with molded chairs that make cleaning up after a toddler easy as pie, er, Cheerios. The cool rug gave us a shot of texture and color and we played up the cool brass elements for shine and speaking of shine, that light fixture! It’s raw brass mid-century fabulousness was just what this room needed. Being at the front of the house, this dining and entry area now tell a much better story of the lives my clients lead. My work here is done!






Color Boost

My clients built this gorgeous house when they moved to Atlanta as newlyweds. After a while, they decided it needed a shot of personality. That’s where my team comes in! We decided on a palette of navy, aqua, gray and coral to bring some life into their home. Boost!

I like “before & after” pictures because it helps show what we did, and what you can do in your home. Interested in doing a dark color? Try it in a small but impactful place like an entry way. Have an awkward room that nothing is happening in but happens to be at the front of the house? Turn it into a sitting room with outfitted shelves full of conversation starters, add comfortable bright chairs and a bar cart and now you have a place to talk with a friend or a quiet place to read. File this away for your place by pinning it here!
















Here’s the rest of the first floor, featured in Color Boost: The Sequel. Enjoy!


Re-entry (A Before & After!)

With a little elbow grease and a few dollars we updated this entryway to something that truly says, “Welcome home!”


before entry

And after!


Photography by Christina Wedge

What we did:

1. Painted the walls gray with blue on the accent wall.

2. I painted the mountain scene going up the stairs.

3. Gave the entry cabinet a coat of paint, replaced the hardware and replaced the tin inserts with DIY mercury glass. Mercury glass is expensive so we purchased plain cut glass, sprayed with looking glass spray and then misted with water to create the texture.

4. New lamp and tabletop accessories.

5. New mirror. I hand painted silver and gold accents on the mirror to highlight the lamp and mirrored surfaces on the entry.

And on the day of the photo shoot, Christina captures me standing in the room adjacent to the entry, the doorway of this dining room.

Gina in Entry


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