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Gallery Wall Tips and Tricks

Who doesn’t love a great wall of artistically displayed art and photography? When doing a gallery wall, the trick to making it look like a “collection” is to have a unifying element. For example, all the art or photographs have a bit of red in them.

Frames can serve this “unifying” function as well. If the frames are colorful or vary widely from each other, print the photos all in black and white. If frames are all different colors and the photos or art are also colorful, it can look a bit campy or childish (however, great for a child’s space!). Likewise, if you have a compilation of different types of paintings, drawings and photographs, make sure the frames are similar. They don’t need to be the same, however. For example, if they are all gold, keep the finish similar, but have different sizes, thicknesses and some with large mats and others with no mats at all.

I’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to the West Elm Gallery Frame.  I love these so much. I used the antique silver with the linen mats and black frames with white mats. The silver works with a variety of metallics since it is antiqued. They also have great gold, white and mirrored finishes. My clients will hang colorful pictures of their family here. This works because, although the frames are different, they are simple, and thoughtfully hung in a zigzag pattern and in variety of sizes.  These are beautiful to hang (come with a paper guide you can tape to the wall and hammer nails directly into) and look great in traditional and modern design alike! Whoop!

West Elm Gallery Frame silver and black gallery wall

What a difference, right?!


Other Designer Picture Hanging Notes and Tips:

1.  If you are hanging a picture on the wall, you do not need the table top arm on the back. It will make your art stick out oddly from the wall. Remove it. Most can be removed with a smidgen of elbow grease and pliers.

2.  You will never worry about crooked pictures again if you use a level and this putty.

3. Rules were made to be broken. Peruse Pinterest or other sites for galleries you like, figure out what you like about them, why they work and copy that!

What gallery ideas and tips do you love right now?


Traditional Living Room: A Before and After

Let’s get this new year started with a great “Before & After”! My clients loved their furniture and lamp, but once they purchased them years ago, they stopped, not knowing what to do next.  The room lacked warmth and the finishing touches that make a house feel homey. It was time to do something about that!

Before Sharon Den

To get things going in the right, warm direction, we added a rug and draperies.  The rug ties the colors together, makes things immediately cohesive and warm and the custom ikat window treatments add a megawatt of color and height. Art and simple accessories finish things off beautifully!

traditional den living room red brown yellow

This is a room I want to curl up in. Now get that fire going!


Traditional Bedroom Retreat: A Before and After!

My client’s bedroom felt dull and lifeless. Green walls and stark furniture placement made the room feel unwelcoming and not exactly a restful haven. But we changed all that! Ahhhhh.

Bedroom Before

They loved their furniture but wanted a more soothing, welcoming retreat. We painted the room a soft taupe and accented with beautiful creams, soft corals and elegant gold. The colors we chose were neutral so that, in a few years, by simply changing the bedding, they could give the room a completely different feel.

Traditional bedroom soothing calming soft coral

soothing traditional bedroom vignette

Now they have the glamorous and relaxing retreat they were dreaming about!

Sweet dreams!


Update on Travelled Industrial Chic

When I first did this eDesign plan for my clients, their house was still in blue print phase. It is so fun to see it begin to materialize!



eDesign is an online plan for clients to implement on their own as time and funds allow. (Check it out here!) When I deliver the plan, I often do not get to see the end product. The best part of being a designer is seeing the original plans materialize beautifully in real time! My clients purchased most of the bigger items and they asked me to come in, see where they are and help accessorize for the day. We are not done yet (need reeds in the blue vase, pillows, throw, a few more accessories, upholstered bench cushion, chair, etc.) but it’s coming along beautifully! (Sorry about the dark and poor quality of pictures!) Good pictures to come when the project is finished! Stay tuned…

Industrial Update

industrial update decor

Mantle Update

Do you need a design plan for your room? Wouldn’t a completed plan or an eDesign certificate be the BEST Christmas present?

Check it out and contact me and I’ll get started on YOUR plan!


Re-entry (A Before & After!)

With a little elbow grease and a few dollars we updated this entryway to something that truly says, “Welcome home!”


before entry

And after!


Photography by Christina Wedge

What we did:

1. Painted the walls gray with blue on the accent wall.

2. I painted the mountain scene going up the stairs.

3. Gave the entry cabinet a coat of paint, replaced the hardware and replaced the tin inserts with DIY mercury glass. Mercury glass is expensive so we purchased plain cut glass, sprayed with looking glass spray and then misted with water to create the texture.

4. New lamp and tabletop accessories.

5. New mirror. I hand painted silver and gold accents on the mirror to highlight the lamp and mirrored surfaces on the entry.

And on the day of the photo shoot, Christina captures me standing in the room adjacent to the entry, the doorway of this dining room.

Gina in Entry


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